LOS ALTOS STAGE COMPANY IS HOLDING OPEN AUDITIONS FOR GEORGE ORWELL’S 1984 All roles are open in this masterpiece of literature by George Orwell, who nearly seventy years ago predicted the more dystopian aspects of the 21st Century (personal electronics used by the government to spy on its citizens, the manipulation of facts and language, and the pursuit of perpetual war.) Los Altos Stage Company produces an adaptation by Michael Gene Sullivan, which uses a small ensemble to recreate the journey of Winston Smith and Julia in their attempts to defy Big Brother. The LASC production is directed by Jenny Hollingworth, who makes her directorial debut with LASC having worked previously with both The Dragon (The Birthday Party) and The Pear (A King’s Legacy.) Performance dates: Wednesday through Sunday, January 25th-February 18th. Wednesday-Saturday performances start at 8pm. Sundays start at 3pm. (Please note that there is no performance on Sunday, February 4th.) Audition date: Saturday, August 12th, from 2:00pm-6:00pm Where: Hillview Community Center, Room 15, Los Altos CA, 94022 [Google map] Callbacks: Saturday, August 19th from 11:00am-3:00pm in Hillview Community Center Room 15. Rehearsals: Weekly, Sunday through Thursday, from 6pm-9pm (Sundays) and 7pm-10pm (Monday-Thursday). Rehearsals begin December 4th. Stipend: All performers are paid a stipend of $450. Sorry, we are unable to offer any AEA contracts at this time. Audition requirements: Please prepare 2 contemporary monologues, one dramatic and one comedic, totaling 4 minutes maximum. Actors invited to callbacks will be given readings from the script. Please forward all questions and audition timeslot requests to Jeff Clarke at jeffclarke@losaltosstage.org ———————————————————- Character Breakdown (For this production, LASC is interested in seeing actors of all ethnicities for all roles.) Winston Smith: 39-year-old male. The protagonist of the story who has defied Big Brother. Of slight build, somewhat emaciated and worn down. He has been arrested at the beginning of the play and retells the events that lead to his capture during the course of the production. O’Brien/Voice: Male, in his late 40s/early 50s. The Inner Party member who gains Winston’s trust and then betrays him. Orchestrates the retelling of Winston’s story as well as his torture. O’Brien is present as an omnipotent voice for much of the play. First Party Member: Male. Plays “Winston” in the recreation of Winston’s memories. Integral in acting out the events that Winston describes. Second Party Member: Female. Plays “Julia” as well as others in the recreation of Winston’s memories. Third Party Member: Male. Plays “Syme” as well as others in the recreation of Winston’s memories. Fourth Party Member: Male. Plays “O’Brien” as well as others in the recreation of Winston’s memories.

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