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Los Altos Youth Theatre is an education driven, performance based program located in the Silicon Valley. We put on a minimum of three performances per season – two musicals and one play. Our unique venue offers students a chance to perfect their individual style of performance while pushing themselves to grow as artists.

Los Altos Youth Theatre is a program of the City of Los Altos’ Recreation and Community Services Department and Los Altos Stage Company. We offer many different opportunities for our young performers such as blended shows, unique performance venues, and compelling classes.

LAYT Winter 2019 Production

Roald Dahl’s classic story of “The Witches” will be creeping onto our stage this March. A young boy and his grandmother go on a holiday to the coast where they land at a hotel which unknowingly is hosting a gathering of England’s witches, hosted by the Grand High Witch, herself. The witches plan on turning all children into mice with the help of tainted chocolate! It is up to our young hero, his grandma, and a young boy at the hotel named Bruno, to thwart the horrific plans of these ghastly witches.

Character Break-down:

Boy: A sweet, quirky young child who leads us through the story. Small in stature, a lot of heart and imagination.

Grandmother: A tough and direct old woman. Loving towards boy, but no-nonsense when it comes to witches.

Grand High Witch: Disguised like an elegant woman, but is indeed an evil, murderous witch. Heavy witchy dialect based on the script.

Bruno: A piggish and rude boy who lacks all empathy, and gets dragged along through the adventures.

Mr. & Mrs. Jenkins: The unfortunate and befuddled parents of the spoiled Bruno.

Other Witches: To follow the grand high witch’s example, with various spooky voices and quirks of their own choosing. Some movement & chanting involved. Treehouse Witch, Display Witch, Melted Witch, etc

Head Chef & Second Chef: Stars of a lengthy slapstick bit with movement and humor involving a mouse and varying kitchen implements.

Frog: non-speaking role, may be combined with other characters. Excellent mover and must be able to communicate with funny faces and gestures.

Puppeteers: non-speaking roles, to be combined with other characters. They are the focus of a lot of the action, and should be quick movers with great timing and funny, muppet-like expressions.

Other characters with lines to be cast from the ensemble – Doctor, Doorman, Sailor, Lawyer, Head Waiter, Waitress, etc.

Auditions are open to youth ages 8 to 18. Please print up and fill out an audition form and sign up for an audition slot here. There is more information on the audition sign up page.

LAYT participation fees are $295 for Los Altos residents and $345 for non-residents. Any questions can be sent to the youth theatre Artistic Director, Jillian Cummings at jillian@losaltosstage.org.

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