October 3, 4, 5, 2024

FOLLIES: Saluting Flummoxed & Discombobulated Nincompoops*!

It’s an election year and we’re awash in malarkey, poppy-cock, and outrageous shenanigans! What better way to dispel the angst and bejeebers than by singing tuneful parodies? Ancient codgers running for office, lying liars spinning BS, climate crises, Witch Hunts, Russian aggres-sion, internet malfeasance, multi-million-dollar judge-ments, Supreme Court oopsies, OMG!

Follies will put its musical spin on the terrifying headlines and provide clarity and hilarity to encourage sanity until November 5! Oh, and we’ll point out the local bugaboos too.

Preview Night  – Thursday October 3 (7:30 pm)
with no reception
$85 pp+

Opening Night – Friday, October 4 (6:00 pm)
with pre- and post- performance reception at the Los Altos Community Center
6 pm reception/7:30 pm performance
$150 per person+

Saturday Gala – Saturday, October 5 (6:00 pm)
with pre- and post reception at the Los Altos History Museum honoring Retiring Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
Includes silent auction and Youth Theater performance.
6 pm reception/7:30 pm performance
$175 pp+

+ Premium seating in the first three rows: Thurs $95, Fri $170, Sat $200

All proceeds benefit Los Altos Stage.

Production photos currently unavailable. Please check back later.

For up-to-date production photos and information, visit the Los Altos Stage Company’s FACEBOOK page.

Mail: PO Box 151, Los Altos, CA 94023

Theater: 97 Hillview Ave., Los Altos


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