One Night Only!

Cory Cullinan and Riley Max 

Sunday July 21, 7:00 PM


A graduate of Los Altos public schools, with a Music Degree from Stanford, Cory is well-known as a composer, an orchestrator a vocalist, a musician on the keyboard, saxophone and guitar and internationally known as the children’s performer Doctor Noize. Riley Max is a student at Harvard/Berklee School of Music and has released her first album of her compositions, ROY G BIV. Cory and Riley are in the Bay Area to teach a summer music course at Stanford.

College and high school musicians and all audience members will have the opportunity to learn more about songwriting, recording and promoting as well as experience some of the repertoire of Cory and Riley in duets and solos. Well-known popular songs are also on tap.

Tickets are $45 pp adults, $25 pp students, a tax-deductible donation to Los Altos Stage.

Reception with wine and snacks follows the performance.

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